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Conquer 4 Weigh-In Results

The calories were already cut and the thought of another visit to the gym was the last thing on the minds of the mixed martial artists slated to appear on Conquer Fighting Championships’ fourth event, Conquer 4, yet each of the thirty  contracted combatants staggered into Performance Fitness & Mixed Martial Arts for the promotional weigh-ins.

In twenty-four hours—June 24, 2017, those hungry to refuel their systems are starving to dot the center of Conquer’s canvas before the eyes of everyone inside the Craneway Pavilion, home of Conquer FC, and MMA enthusiasts logged into

Conquer 4’s Weigh-In Results:


Dwight Maters (253) vs. Matt Zonfrello (261.8) for the C.A.M.O State Heavyweight Championship

Joseph Cardoso (191.7) vs. Joseph Kropschot (184.5) for the Amateur Conquer FC Middleweight Championship

Gavin Hallinan (171.3) vs. Michael Bueno (169.7) in the welterweight division

Bobby Seronio III (135.7) vs. Jonathan Merritt (not present) in the bantamweight division


Jeremiah Labiano (144.6) vs. Stephen Cervantes (144.8) for the Conquer FC Featherweight Championship

Shawn Bunch (134.6) vs. Rodrigo Lima (138.3) for the Conquer FC Bantamweight Championship

Fard Muhammad (130.8) vs. Windson Ramos (129.7) at a catchweight of 130-pounds

Roger Severson (140.4) vs. Cristian Giovannie (139.4) at a catchweight of 140-pounds

Lamar Reed (165.5) vs. Daniel McWilliams (165.5) at a catchweight of 165-pounds

JT Donaldson (145.4) vs. Matt Wagy (145.7) in the featherweight division

Mark Climaco (124.8) vs. Gene Cancino (123.3) in the flyweight division

Brian Wilkinson (125.3) vs. Steven Gruber (125.3) in the flyweight division

Mike Olson (135.3) vs. Nohelin Hernandez (135.5) in the bantamweight division

Fernando Costa (146) vs. Matt Aragoni (145.2) in the featherweight division

Garrett Marks (179.1) vs. Joaquin Lopez (179.7) in the welterweight division

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