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Conquer 4: Results & Recap

No matter how many times the magic of Conquer Fighting Championships appears before your eyes, you’re still amazed, each and every time.

On June 24, 2017, the Craneway Pavilion was stuffed to capacity for their fourth fight card, Conquer 4, after all the tickets printed for Conquer FC were consumed. Since taking Northern California’s region by storm, the tsunami of fight fans flocking to the Port of Richmond in Northern California has steadily swelled, and nobody wanted to be on the outside of the Craneway Pavilion’s windowed walls looking in when the rematch of all rematches found resolution and two champions were crowned.

Main Event: Jeremiah Labiano vs. Stephen Cervantes for the Conquer FC Featherweight Championship

In a contest where both athletes mirrored their alter egos, the violence to attain the Conquer FC Featherweight Title was as real as it gets.

Cervantes, better known as ‘Scrappy,’ demonstrated why his pseudo name fit like a four-ounce glove by removing all air between himself and Labiano at every opportunity. Able to stave off Cervantes’ non-stop pressure and clinch work, Labiano, in several instances of the championship affair, channeled ‘The Kid’ within and welcomed the New Mexico native to ‘The Golden State’ with the most recognized slap in mixed martial arts.

Following five rounds of grueling action, Labiano, barely audible over a deafening hometown crowd, was announced Conquer FC’s Featherweight Champion.

Co-Main Event: Shawn Bunch vs. Rodrigo Lima for the Conquer FC Bantamweight Championship

During weigh-ins, Shawn Bunch and Rodrigo Lima had to be restrained while facing off, and the tension poured into Conquer 4’s cage for the Conquer FC Bantamweight Championship, which was eagerly stirred by Bunch’s Bay Area backers.

Accolades in combat sports aren’t something new to Bunch, but they never grow old. Fresh from an outing at Dragon House 24 where he claimed the vacant Dragon House Bantamweight Title, the Olympic-caliber wrestler heeded the advice of his UFC Champion cornerman, Daniel ‘DC’ Cormier, in order to sign the deed on Conquer FC’s Bantamweight Title.

Featured Bout: Fard Muhammad vs. Windson Ramos

At Conquer 3, a double disqualification dangled question marks, but the conclusion of Fard Muhammad and Windson Ramos at Conquer 4 sealed their rivalry with a bold exclamation point.

This catchweight bout at 130-pounds went tit-for-tat until the experience of Muhammad eventually overwhelmed Ramos. Both Jiu-Jitsu specialists manipulated limbs of the other and scrambled for control, but Muhammad unleashed a multi-faceted attack, tenderizing every ounce of Ramos’ exposed flesh with heavy elbows; strikes that could probably hammer train spikes into the ground.

Once all fifteen minutes expired from the clock, a period dotted the issue between these two: Ramos was transported to the nearest hospital and Muhammad was granted the unanimous decision victory.

Conquer 4 Results Include:


Jeremiah Labiano defeated Stephen Cervantes by way of unanimous decision for the Conquer FC Featherweight Championship.

Shawn Bunch defeated Rodrigo Lima by way of unanimous decision for the Conquer FC Bantamweight Championship.

Fard Muhammad defeated Windson Ramos by way of unanimous decision.

Cristian Giovannie defeated Roger Severson by way of unanimous decision.

Lamar Reed defeated Daniel McWilliams by way of TKO (punches) in round 1 (3:40).

Matt Wagy defeated JT Donaldson by way of technical decision.

Mark Climaco defeated Gene Cancino by way of unanimous decision.

Steven Gruber defeated Brian Wilkinson by way TKO (punches) in round 1 (2:46).

Nohelin Hernandez defeated Mike Olson by way of TKO (punches) in round 1 (2:59).

Matt Aragoni defeated Fernando Costa by way of neck crank submission in round 2 (1:33)

Joaquin Lopez defeated Garrett Marks via TKO (punches) in round 1 (3:20).


Matt Zonfrello defeated Dwight Maters via TKO (punches) in round 2 (1:51) for the C.A.M.O State Heavyweight Championship.

Joseph Kropschot defeated Joseph Cardoso via rear naked choke in round 1 (1:40) for the Amateur Conquer FC Middleweight Championship.

Gavin Hallinan defeated Michael Bueno via TKO (punches) in round 3 (2:04).

Bobby Seronio III defeated Jonathan Merritt via TKO (punches) in round 3 (1:53).

For those who missed Conquer 4, an archive is available at, and for those who wish to ensure they don’t miss Conquer 5, circle November 11, 2017 on your calendars and stay-tuned to because Conquer FC’s invasion into the MMA market is well underway.