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Conquer 4 Presents: Michael Olson vs. Nohelin Hernandez

By @DaveMMAdden

In a dramatic remake of Beauty and the Beast, Conquer Fighting Championships will transform the age-old fairy tale into a heart-pumping bantamweight classic when Nohelin ‘Suave’ Hernandez (3-0) and Michael ‘Berserker’ Olson (3-1) compete at Conquer 4 on June 24, 2017.

Playing the role of beast has nothing to do with any of Olson’s physical attributes, other than violent physicality. The click of the cage unlocks a ‘Berserker’ quality that captures the attention of the crowd with the same rapturous tones as the Sirens in The Odyssey. Following a gorgeous—Submission of the Night—win at West Coast Fighting Championships 18, Olson has caged himself in MMAGOLD’s vault, Urban Sprawl Fitness in El Dorado Hills, to ensure he delivers another easy-on-the-eye outing to Northern California’s fight fans at Conquer 4.

Check out Olson’s last fight below:

Under Conquer’s blistering lights, Hernandez’s tan, scar-free skin will glisten when challenging to retain an, often romanticized in MMA, undefeated record. Closing his stint in the amateurs on an ugly streak, the zero in Hernandez’s loss column, over the course of three professional bouts, has the beautiful curves of a bikini model. Riding in the slip stream of a first-round TKO stoppage at Global Knockout 9, the product of AKA (American Kickboxing Academy) doesn’t intend on dealing with the grotesque side of the game: defeat.

Check out Hernandez’s last fight below:

By contracting two, blood-thirsty bantamweights at Conquer 4, the Craneway Pavilion, home to the bustling Bay Area fight promotion, will become a judgment-free zone because the official scorecards won’t be necessary for this match-up. For tickets to Conquer 4, visit: